We Open Source

At Ship Shape, contributing to open source software is an addiction. We maintain several Ember addons of our own, and have contributed to countless other projects throughout the open source community.

JavaScript Libraries

We are passionate about JavaScript and all things UI related at Ship Shape. We are working hard to create open source libraries for many common web app use cases.


Guide your users through a tour of your app

Shepherd was initially created by HubSpot, and was taken over by Ship Shape in 2018. We did a complete rewrite, added full test coverage, and modernized everything.

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Ember Addons

The addons Ship Shape has created have been downloaded millions of times, and are used in production apps of Fortune 100 companies.


An Ember addon for the site tour library Shepherd

ember-shepherd was originally written in 2015, and it still consistently ranks in the top 100 Ember addons on Ember Observer today. It is the best way to write site tours for your Ember app.

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Ember HTMLBars helpers for basic arithmetic

ember-math-helpers was inspired by the elegant simplicity of ember-truth-helpers. It aims to be a complete set of helpers for quick mathematical computations in your templates.

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An Ember addon that wraps the Flatpickr date picker

ember-flatpickr was created as an alternative to ember-pikaday, which had become very outdated and had lots of open issues. It wraps the minimal datepicker library Flatpickr.

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Sponsored Open Source Development

Ember could not be the incredible framework it is, without companies helping fund its progress. Whether you need an Ember addon to implement your favorite library in native Ember, a custom Ember data adapter for your API setup, or changes to Ember itself, sponsored open source development can help give back to the community, while also solving your business needs.