Ember Consulting

Ship Shape's ambitious team of experts provide the guidance and manpower that helps you build fast and responsive web applications using Ember.js.

Ship Shape knows what they're doing. A thoughtful approach, pristine code and a 200% effort in everything they do, makes recommending them a no-brainer.

Why use Ember?

Ember is our JavaScript framework of choice for building ambitious web apps. Ember is strongly opinionated and strives for convention over configuration, and these strong conventions allow developers to be productive from day one. Ember also has a strong addon ecosystem, and using popular JavaScript libraries is usually just a simple install command away.

We've built apps at Ship Shape using many different and varied frameworks and libraries, from Angular to Backbone, to PHP and jQuery, to .NET and Knockout.js, and beyond. Ember.js remains our top choice for developing ambitious applications due to its strong conventions, ease of updating, and commitment to stability over stagnation. These ideals ensure your app will remain bulletproof from day one to years from now.

Ember Data is a library for robustly managing data in applications built with Ember.js. It provides an intuitive API with models representing your data model, and simple commands to get and save changes to the data. When using JSON API, it works right out of the box, but it is designed to be agnostic to the underlying persistence mechanism, so it works just as well with other data formats and APIs. Once your adapters and serializers have been modified, to conform to your API, the same, familiar Ember Data commands will work for all Ember apps.

One of the best parts about Ember, is its incredibly robust addon ecosystem. Need to manage authentication/authorization? There's an addon for that. Need to create a style guide to showcase your brand and common components? There's an addon for that too! With thousands of addons, there is generally an addon for most common application concerns. Leveraging these addons frees us up to focus on the nitty gritty details of your application.

Community Involvement

We believe that every new connection or project is a learning opportunity for us all. Ship Shape remains a staple in the community by sharing our expertise and investing in the Ember.js framework.

EmberConf 2020 Ship Shape Sticker

EmberConf 2020

We recorded a talk for virtual EmberConf 2020, Talking to Your Dog with Ember, where we explored using the Web Audio API to translate dog barks into something more meaningful.

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EmberConf 2019

We gave a BonusConf talk at EmberConf 2019, Ember Data - It's Not Just for JSON API Anymore, in which we detailed several approaches to use Ember Data with non-standard APIs.

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Ember.JS NYC Tomster

Ember.js NYC

We have given talks at the Ember.JS NYC meetup a couple times, once was an abridged version of our EmberConf 2018 workshop on performance, and another was a dry run of our EmberConf 2019 talk Ember Data - It's Not Just for JSON API Anymore.

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Ember Cares

We spearheaded the efforts behind Ember Cares in 2017, where we created a No Shave November Tomster and Breast Cancer Awareness Zoey and sold merch to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute.

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EmberConf 2018

We ran the Improving Ember App Performance workshop at EmberConf 2018, where we explored techniques to reduce your bundle size, improving your rendering performance, and cache your assets to make reloads blazing fast.

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Ember.JS DC Tomster in front of the White House

Ember.JS DC

We organize the Ember.JS DC meetup, and we try to spread the love throughout Virginia and Maryland as well, alternating meeting spots. If you are an Ember enthusiast, of any level, we would love to have you come learn with us!

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