Our Open Source Community

We believe code should be accessible to all. Ship Shape's open source projects enable us to play an active role in the day-to-day lives of developers.

Shepherd.js, Designed for Product Tours

As a part of our mission to create open source JavaScript Libraries, that can be used for common web app uses, Ship Shape created Shepherd.js. Shepherd.js guides users through a tour of your app and is currently implemented and trusted by brands like Google, Ally and more.

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Ember Addons

There’s an addon for that. Our addons have been downloaded millions of times, and are used in production apps of Fortune 100 companies. With Ember’s strong addon ecosystem behind us, we will continue contributing and supporting the Ember.js developer community.


An Ember addon for the site tour library Shepherd

ember-shepherd was originally written in 2015, and it still consistently ranks in the top 100 Ember addons on Ember Observer today. It is the best way to write site tours for your Ember app.

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Ember HTMLBars helpers for basic arithmetic

ember-math-helpers was inspired by the elegant simplicity of ember-truth-helpers. It aims to be a complete set of helpers for quick mathematical computations in your templates.

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An Ember addon that wraps the Flatpickr date picker

ember-flatpickr was created as an alternative to ember-pikaday, which had become very outdated and had lots of open issues. It wraps the minimal datepicker library Flatpickr.

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Sponsored Open Source

From addons to custom Ember data adapters, our projects propel our community forward. Ship Shape's open source contributions have been downloaded millions of times by developers worldwide. Paid work enables people from different walks of life to make meaningful contributions. Interested in sponsoring or partnering with Ship Shape? Contact us today.

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