I recently had a need to pass query params to an Ember Data save() call, and I found all of the StackOverflow answers, and blog posts lacking on how exactly to do this, especially for someone new to Ember Data.

Therefore, I decided I would post this article detailing how exactly I did it.

The model I need to accept query params on save, is the appointment model.

My application adapter uses the DS.JSONAPIAdapter and I wanted to extend that default adapter, and just add some query params to the appointment.save() call.

To create the adapter I simply ran ember g adapter appointment

Then you have to override the updateRecord method, since that is what is called for a save(). The resulting adapter looks something like this:

import ApplicationAdapter from './application';

export default ApplicationAdapter.extend({
  updateRecord(store, type, snapshot) {
    const data = {};
    const serializer = store.serializerFor(type.modelName);

    serializer.serializeIntoHash(data, type, snapshot, { includeId: true });

    const id = snapshot.id;
    let url = this.buildURL(type.modelName, id, snapshot, 'updateRecord');

    if (snapshot.adapterOptions && snapshot.adapterOptions.recurrenceStart) {
      url += '?recurrenceStart=' + snapshot.adapterOptions.recurrenceStart;

    return this.ajax(url, 'PATCH', { data: data });

For the most part, this is just a copy of the updateRecord method from the DS.JSONAPIAdapter, so you’ll want to copy the updateRecord method from whatever adapter you are using by default.

The important part, which adds the query params to the url is this:

if (snapshot.adapterOptions && snapshot.adapterOptions.recurrenceStart) {
  url += '?recurrenceStart=' + snapshot.adapterOptions.recurrenceStart;

To execute a save and pass this query param, you’ll want to do something like this:

appointment.save(adapterOptions: {
  recurrenceStart: 'foo'

Hopefully this helps someone!