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Whether you’re charting a new course for engineering success or saving an app that’s capsized, our software developers are here to strengthen your products and your people. Together, we’ll solve your most complex challenges, reach your destination with ease, and grow your team’s knowledge along the way.

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Built MVP application that was successfully launched and established for immediate use among initial client base

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Increased efficiency and data granularity with enhanced finance tools

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Centralized NIST score tracking and improved performance with a modernized app

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Building a cross platform desktop color management tool

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Improved the user experience to support all customers and close a major new client

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Raised renewal rates to nearly 100% by updating the user experience and fixing data issues

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After building a proof of concept using Ember.js, this fitness business management app had gradually strayed from best practices. Their software developers brought in our team to get them back on track. We worked side by side to not only apply consistent, up-to-date Ember coding practices (e.g., adding several ESLint rules from eslint-plugin-ember, updating various dependencies, etc.), but also realign the team and get everyone on the same page.

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Our partnership with the enterprise app development team from Scout focused on upgrading their app for dog walkers and enhancing its scheduling features. Our first order of business was updating the app to the latest versions of Ember and Ember CLI, adding Ember Suave, and adhering to the new set of ESLint rules. Then, we worked extensively on the appointment scheduling experience using full-screen overlays, Ember Flatpickr, Ember Paper, and Ember Power Select to make creating and editing appointments easier.

Our team collaborated with the engineers behind Anvyl’s supplier relationship management software to create a new messaging feature that allows brands and suppliers to communicate directly within the Anvyl app, rather than via email. By integrating many common messaging features, such as threaded replies, in-line editing, avatars, and more, we simplified the experience for both the customer and the supplier.

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As a non-profit, it’s critical for the Center for Open Science (COS) to understand and communicate how funding is used. We developed custom Ember.js dashboards for COS that provide visibility into how people are using its system.

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We partnered with the Rabble team to bring their open source MUSICat platform up to date. Our work included removing bower in favor of npm, migrating from ic-ajax to ember-ajax, enforcing consistent code quality with ESLint, and other improvements. Our software developers also served as Ember subject matter experts who helped mentor the Rabble team and grow their Ember knowledge.

Our Open Source Contributions

Sharing is caring. Ship Shape maintains custom Ember addons while contributing to countless projects throughout the open source community.

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Ship Shape's JavaScript Libraries

At Ship Shape, we’re passionate about all things JavaScript and UI related. We create open source libraries for all to use, like Shepherd.js, so that everyone has an opportunity to build and improve future frameworks.

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Ship Shape's Ember Addons

Fortune 100 companies use our Ember addons. In fact, Ship Shape's Ember addons have been downloaded millions of times by developers of all backgrounds.

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