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About Ship Shape

Ship Shape leads the future of full-stack web app development. Our clients work with us because we are a one-stop boutique firm with over 25+ years combined experience - from full-stack engineering, to front-end to back-end design and more. When you bring your idea to us, it's smooth sailing.

Our Clients

Ship Shape works with some of the best. We've exceeded client expectations and can't wait to help you with your next project.

Our Community

Everything we create is a conscious decision to further Ember as a framework and as a community.

Our team

Get to know us

A picture of Robbie Wagner

Robbie Wagner, CEO

  • Robbie's experience

    Started developing in Ember back in 2012 while working for a startup, Mail Pilot. Specialties: Ember.js, Nuxt.js, JavaScript

  • How did you arrive at Ship Shape?

    I worked at several Ember companies like RSA, and started working on the side doing Ember consulting. Eventually, I decided to transition full-time and created Ship Shape.

  • What's your involvement in the community?

    I am active on the Ember Learning Team. I am speaking at EmberConf in 2020. I’ve also led a sold out workshop at EmberConf on performance.

  • Which projects are you most proud of?

    I'm proud of the work our guys did on Jebbit and I’m also proud of the dashboards I have been building for my current client, Expel!

A picture of Chuck Carpenter

Chuck Carpenter, COO

  • Chuck's experience

    Leading teams to deliver high quality, nimble, reliable, and valuable products in order to create demand and increase their user base. Sometimes I make stuff in Javascript, Python, and GraphQL.

  • How did you arrive at Ship Shape?

    At a time when the lines between web development and design were heavily blurred, I learned to create sites buried in HTML tables for layout and images cut up in Adobe Photoshop. As those standards evolved, I’ve built experiences and applications solving issues from media delivery, marketing analytics, and entire business process management.

  • Awards or Honors

    Webby Award Winner for the National Geographic Magazine’s website and also the Direct Selling Association Innovation in Technology Award on office system.

  • What projects are you most proud of?

    Building the completely redesigned Jebbit MVP for their campaign flow. Jebbit had an extremely complex system for creating campaigns and after a lot of research with their customers, an entirely simplified experience has been created to allow for detailed configuration and true ease to get from start to live campaign quickly.