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Ship Shape /ˈSHipˌSHāp / adj. “To be in first-class order”

Our name describes exactly what our full-stack software development agency does: creates first-class products with first-class talent.

Whether we’re crafting a greenfield solution with new technologies or elevating an existing experience with the latest best practices, we love collaborating with teams to solve old problems in new ways and help each other grow in the process.

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Our clients can confirm: Ship Shape’s software development agency is made of the best developers in the business. We blend of IQ + EQ, ensuring you get talented engineers who are easy to work with and blend seamlessly with your team.

  • Robbie Wagner


    Since 2012, Robbie has been using Ember to craft bespoke web applications for companies large and small. He founded Ship Shape in 2017 to provide Ember Consulting for clients and has since ventured into Nuxt and Astro as well. He is a huge Tailwind fanboy and believes it solves CSS once and for all.

  • Chuck Carpenter


    Chuck leads teams to deliver high quality, nimble, reliable, and valuable products in order to create demand and increase their user base. He sometimes makes stuff in Javascript, Serverless, and GraphQL.

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The people within our app development company do this work for passion, not just a paycheck. Here’s how we’re contributing to the community and pushing the software space forward.

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  • Local tech meetup hosts

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