Create a Nuxt.js app that's universal — without all the hassle

All about Nuxt.js

At Ship Shape, we love Nuxt.js because it’s still an opinionated framework (though not quite as opinionated as Ember.js), and it has features that strip out unused code to make your app fast and lightweight. You’ll enjoy its approachable syntax, easy-to-read read templates, and more.

Whether you're building a brand new web app or elevating an existing experience with the latest best practices, our first-class engineers can refine or create a Nuxt.js app while training your team in the process.

Nuxt.js is an open-source framework used to build Vue.js web applications. It’s a performant system that makes creating universal apps easier because of its reduced routing complexity, giving you SEO benefits right out of the box.

Nuxt works well for apps big and small thanks to its:

  • Modular architecture, which speeds up development

  • Server-side rendered (SSR) to deliver HTML, rather than JavaScript

  • Static Site Generation to net SEO benefits without needing a server

Your first mate's in rough waters

Ship Shape is committed to leaving every engineering team we work with better than we found it. Not only do we build robust, reliable software, but we also train your staff along the way to understand, maintain, and improve your product after our engagement ends.


Ship Shape delivered beyond our expectations. They pointed out things we had never even thought of or knew about. Our team learned a huge amount of new information and new tricks, and we still have them on retainer for very specific questions. Plus, Ship Shape is the friendliest team of engineers I've worked with.
Headshot of Donald Piret

Donald Piret

Director of Engineering at Sephora

We ❤️ the Nuxt.js Community

Proud Nuxt.js partners

Ship Shape proudly sponsors Nuxt.js to support its talented team and dynamic framework. Our partnership is one of the main reasons we’re always ready to create Nuxt.js apps: because we stay up-to-date with the Nuxt team and give back to the community.