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Whiskey, Web, and Whatnot: a 5-star software engineering podcast with “spirit”

Pour a drink, and join Ship Shape CEO Robbie Wagner and COO Chuck Carpenter for a podcast for developers who love whiskey, web development, and a wide range of whatnot.

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Past topics include:

  • Updates to Ember, Glimmer, and more
  • DevOps
  • Tastings of our top whiskey picks (like Sagamore and Maker’s Mark Cask edition) and new-to-us varieties (Kamiki, Rabbit Hole Dareringer, and others with cool bottles and hard names)
  • Random tangents, like what Chuck learned during his past life as a blackjack dealer, Nintendo and PC games we’re digging, and current events in tech that caught our attention
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Latest podcast

SST, AWS, and Ember with Dax Raad


Dax Raad, Founder of Bumi and Ironbay and SST Core Maintainer, is a passionate open-source developer who knows his way around the startup tech space with over a decade of experience under his belt. He is intimately involved in the Serverless Stack Toolkit (SST...

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