Our Services

We turn ideas into industry-leading products. Our experts proactively remedy issues with existing code and build innovations from the ground up.

Ember Consulting

Ember.js is Ship Shape’s framework of choice, among the multitude of other JavaScript frameworks out there. With Ember, we can accomplish so much more - faster, with less errors and on a larger scale.

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App Development

Building custom full stack web apps is our speciality. Ship Shape designs, engineers and programs web apps from start-to-finish so that user experience is flawless and reliable for years to come.

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Mentoring and Team Training

Whether you're a Senior Developer or Junior Developer, Ship Shape fosters one-on-one connections that help make a difference in our community. We offer several Ember mentorship programs that identify your goals and prepare you and your team for the future of Ember.

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App Tours

We built our own open source library, Shepherd.js to guide users through the features and functions of your web app. It’s no surprise that we’ve been tapped to help companies of all sizes to implement user-friendly app tours.

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Sponsored Open Source

Ship Shape has created several data adapters, add-ons, and libraries to fit into your company’s framework.

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Nuxt.js Consulting

Nuxt.js makes progressive web app development simple, powerful and user friendly. Stay ahead of tech giants and build a solid foundation for your digital future with Ship Shape’s Nuxt consulting team.

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