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Sailing the open seas to a new destination requires a sturdy vessel and a competent crew. Ship Shape’s app development company is full of top-tier engineers who tackle your toughest technical challenges every step of the way.
Our software engineers specialize in Ember.js, Nuxt.js, Next.js, and emerging technologies like serverless frameworks and cloud native applications . We combine our high IQ in these technologies with a high EQ to ensure your experience with us is just as good as the final product. Plus, we upskill your team as we work together so they can sustain and improve your products long after our engagement ends.
From the future of fintech, to cybersecurity, and more, we help a wide variety of industries level-up their products and their people.

Our fleet of specialties

Our senior-level software consultants ensure your applications are optimized for today and ready for the future.


One of the best frameworks for fast, reliable builds, especially complex apps and dashboards. Ember's opinionated structure lends well to efficiency and organization.


A performant framework used to create flexible, universal Vue.js web apps, thanks to its simple routing and out-of-the-box optimizations.


A nimble React framework for production with lots of magic built in, from server-side rendering for enhanced SEO to internationalization features.


Match mocks from designers with ease, and automagically remove all unused CSS with this convenient framework.


Only pay for the computing you need, scale quickly, and reduce maintenance with serverless applications. We’ll show you how.

Cloud Native

Say goodbye to being locked into vendors, and deliver well-tested, secure products faster with this platform-agnostic methodology.

I loved working with Ship Shape. They helped our small team build a product from the ground up and were strong partners every step of the way. Their domain expertise in Next.js and React helped lay the foundation for a scalable codebase, and they were great at ensuring we adhered to engineering best practices. Every member of the team was a pleasure to work with and (best of all) we ended up launching our MVP on schedule!
Headshot of Harley Sugarman

Harley Sugarman

Founder, CEO at Enigma

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