Code that won't sink


Measure twice, cut once

We put a great deal of time into developing a sound architecture and ensuring we have a solid understanding of your wants and needs. We'll work with you to develop a game plan and we won't start working until you sign off on it.


Convention over configuration

We use the latest versions of Ember.js and Ember-CLI in all of our products, and we strive to stay up to date with new releases. We leverage the amazing Ember community, and the huge breadth of addons, to help us iterate faster, and focus on making quality apps, rather than reinventing the wheel.


Real artists ship

We'll keep you in the loop with regular demos, frequent calls, chats, dinners, drinks, whatever floats your boat. We won't just develop huge chunks of the app and hope you like it. Your input is crucial to making sure you are 100% happy with the product.

Technologies we use

Set a course for success

Ember.js consulting, development, and training for your project. Let's talk.