Ship Shape octopus mascot, with a pencil in its tentacle, is working hard on Ember, Next.js and Nuxt apps.

Our software consultants make waves

A desktop and mobile app mockup being worked on by a tentacle.

Let’s build the future together

Ship Shape’s software consultants solve complex software and app development problems with top-tier coding expertise, superior service, and speed.

In a sea of choices, our senior-level development crew rises above the rest by delivering the best solutions for fintech, cybersecurity, and other fast-growing industries.

We know the ropes

Ship Shape is a full-stack engineering and app development company that specializes in JavaScript frameworks and scalable, future-forward technology.

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Trusted software consultants for today’s big names and tomorrow’s leaders

Companies around the world hire Ship Shape’s talented engineers to solve their toughest software and app development challenges.

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We’ll get your product in ship shape

Our engineers provide first-class expertise and service. We are:


Once you hire us, it’s smooth sailing. We’re ready to tackle everything tech, including frontend and backend system design.


We’re trusted experts in Ember.js, Nuxt.js, Next.js, and other emerging technologies.


We build innovative, secure, scalable solutions, while keeping your team on track with the latest trends and best practices.


A rising tide lifts all boats. We improve your products by providing expert engineering and upskilling your team.


With people skills as strong as our technical chops, your experience with our software consultants is just as good as the work delivered.


The engineer who plans your product’s success is the same person who writes the code. No handoffs or middlemen around here.


Ship Shape delivered beyond our expectations. They pointed out things we had never even thought of or knew about. Our team learned a huge amount of new information and new tricks, and we still have them on retainer for very specific questions. Plus, Ship Shape is the friendliest team of engineers I've worked with.
Headshot of Donald Piret

Donald Piret

Director of Engineering at Sephora


Ship Shape was a great aid to us because they were the voice of Ember best practices to keep our code base current, and they were able to deliver on critical features on our roadmap that we did not have the bandwidth to complete on time. I would absolutely recommend Ship Shape to any other business that is looking for an incredibly skilled partner to work closely with their teams to produce and deliver the highest value.
Headshot of Roger Studner

Roger Studner

Chief Architect at Expel

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