Start with the basics and scale quickly with serverless frameworks

All about Serverless

Smaller APIs, GraphQL servers, front-end applications, microservices, and similar types of software work well within serverless frameworks.

Working on something like this? Ship Shape’s first-rate software engineers know all the ins and outs. Whether you’re wondering, “What is serverless, and can it help my team?” or you’ve gotten started but need help taking it to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

Why pay for computing power you aren’t using? With serverless frameworks, high server costs are a thing of the past.

What is serverless? It’s a model that offloads server management to a third party, only charges you for actual usage, and makes it easy to auto-scale as demand increases.

This means your company can:

  • Clear Organization

  • Scalable UI architecture

  • Simple updates

  • Commitment to stability

Your co-pilots in the storm

Ship Shape is committed to leaving every engineering team we work with better than we found it. Not only do we build robust, reliable software, but we also train your staff along the way to understand, maintain, and improve your product after our engagement ends.

We ❤️ the Serverless Community

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