Customize your app quickly with the help of our Tailwind CSS experts

All about Tailwind CSS

At Ship Shape, we like Tailwind CSS so much that we even use it on our own products and passion projects, such as our robust color management app called Swach. In addition to building Tailwind UIs, we also love training other teams on it to help sharpen their skills too.
Much faster than with most CSS frameworks, Tailwind CSS provides almost all the tools you need to build a site without writing any custom styles.

Ship Shape’s experienced engineers love Tailwind CSS because:

  • It matches mocks and designs with ease.

  • It automatically removes all unused CSS when building for production, which improves speed.

  • Its usability is quite nimble compared to similar frameworks (like Bootstrap).

  • Prototyping is super fast with Tailwind UI components.

Your co-pilots in the storm

Ship Shape is committed to leaving every engineering team we work with better than we found it. Not only do we build robust, reliable software, but we also train your staff along the way to understand, maintain, and improve your product after our engagement ends.

We ❤️ the Tailwind Community

We’re a team of makers who are passionate about improving software products and the people who create them.