Ember Consulting

“Ship Shape knows what they’re doing. A thoughtful approach, pristine code and a 200% effort in everything they do, makes recommending them a no-brainer.”

Community Involvement

We've been using Ember since 2012, and have been very active in the community. We maintain countless Ember addons, contribute to Ember, Ember-CLI, and the Ember docs sites, run the Ember.JS DC meetup, sponsor and run workshops at EmberConf, and anything and everything we can possibly do to help further Ember as a framework and as a community.


We ran the Improving Ember App Performance workshop at EmberConf 2018, where we explored techniques to reduce your bundle size, improving your rendering performance, and cache your assets to make reloads blazing fast.

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Ember Cares

We spearheaded the efforts behind Ember Cares in 2017, where we created a No Shave November Tomster and Breast Cancer Awareness Zoey and sold merch to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute.

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Ember.JS DC

We organize the Ember.JS DC meetup, and we try to spread the love throughout Virginia and Maryland as well, alternating meeting spots. If you are an Ember enthusiast, of any level, we would love to have you come learn with us!

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Ember.JS DC Tomster in front of the White House