Case Study


Jebbit is an enterprise software platform that enables a future of total data transparency between brands and consumers. Jebbit's mission is to make every brand-and-consumer interaction assumption free by asking consumers explicitly and directly about their interests, motivations, and preferences.


Jebbit had several years of user feedback and data on the difficulty in using the Campaign Builder product and sought to create a lightweight version, that is more accessible and easier to get started for new customers.

Customers weren't clear on what the published version would look like, until they completed all the steps, so the number of revisions to get a polished campaign could take a lot of extra time.

Jebbit's users needed to more clearly understand the outcomes of dynamic campaigns and how to determine the option paths for those choices.

Jebbit Experience Builder Legacy


The Ship Shape team began by creating a flexible grid layout to maximize usability across various screen sizes and give the application more familiar user patterns.

We created a contextual toolbar that would react to the type of component the user clicked, then only provide the tools that could be used for that one content piece. Our team built simple text size and alignment buttons to improve the ease of option setting and give visual feedback for toggling between the predefined options for styling.

Showing customers the mobile campaign as they are creating it, and having live previews, improved the understanding of how the published version would look, immediately.

The application ensures that changes are saved as the user moves through the process, to simplify saves while defining the campaign. Lastly, we created a completion check service to determine if the user had completed all minimal steps and provide guiding steps on the remaining parts to publish a campaign.

Jebbit Simple Builder


The application has been streamlined with defaults, and we now handle many setup requirements behind the scenes, so that the Jebbit Simple Builder provides a much improved initial experience for new Jebbit customers to get started with creating campaigns from their first login.

Users see, in context, how to connect the results of questionnaires or product preferences, and the outcomes their campaign will show, as they are building, instead of trying to work through complicated configuration settings.

Jebbit Simple Builder Active

The new interface is more performant and user friendly, which enables Jebbit to provide their customers with a more intuitive initial setup.

Jebbit Simple Builder Published

Lastly, we helped ensure Jebbit was using the latest Ember best practices, and helped them update to the latest Ember versions. This has greatly improved the overall speed and maintainability of the app.