Case Study

A detailed overview of all candidate assessment results

In their words

I loved working with Ship Shape. They helped our small team build a product from the ground up and were strong partners every step of the way. Their domain expertise in Next.js and React helped lay the foundation for a scalable codebase, and they were great at ensuring we adhered to engineering best practices. Every member of the team was a pleasure to work with and (best of all) we ended up launching our MVP on schedule!
Headshot of Harley Sugarman

Harley Sugarman

Founder, CEO at Enigma

About the Client

Enigma is a platform designed to help cybersecurity teams make faster hiring decisions and find stronger, more diverse talent. Through this web application, employers can create and assign technical assessments to candidates to ascertain their level of competency with key cybersecurity concepts and industry best practices.

Once a candidate has completed an assessment through the Enigma platform, employers can review their responses and overall performance and then use these findings to better evaluate the candidate’s application.


The Enigma assessment application was in a very raw proof of concept state when Ship Shape was brought in to act as the development team that would create a production-ready product. Enigma already had customers signed up and ready to start utilizing the application for their recruiting needs, but still had a substantial roadmap of features in need of implementation. Ship Shape’s challenge was to implement essential features, including the full assessment workflow and corresponding administrative tasks, in order to launch Enigma. We continued to help build out the application based on customers’ feedback about their additional needs.

The Enigma login page



The development team made use of Next.js to prioritize quick loading times on the client side of this application. The server-side rendering capabilities of Next.js allow the Enigma application to retrieve web pages and any corresponding data in one go, eliminating the need for multiple network requests and preventing subsequent delays in data population.

Shepherd Tour

The Ship Shape team also had the opportunity to integrate one of our own open source projects, Shepherd, into the Enigma platform. The Shepherd library provides a way to guide users through a tour of a web application, highlighting the key features users should familiarize themselves with, in order to use the app at its full potential.

An implementation of a Shepherd tour for the Enigma hirer dashboard
Example Shepherd.js tour

Cypress Testing

The development team also incorporated Cypress, an integration testing framework, into the Enigma application. This end-to-end testing technology allowed the development team to deliver features to users with confidence that critical tasks aren’t disrupted by bugs.

A detailed overview of a cybersecurity assessment
User flow of assessment

Key Application Features

In order to successfully launch this unique cybersecurity assessment tool, the Enigma and Ship Shape development teams focused on implementing the following key features and workflows:

  • Authentication processes that allow candidates and employers to securely access their respective accounts
  • A candidate's ability to work through assessments assigned by potential employers
  • An employer's ability to create, view, assign, archive, and delete assessments and candidate assessment attempts
  • An optional package that would allow employers to assign a supplemental personality evaluation that would accompany a candidate's overall job application


A detailed overview of all candidate assessment results

Ship Shape’s main priority was to successfully build and launch a feature rich application according to the client’s schedule, and we’re happy to report that we met this target! The Ship Shape crew had a great experience working with the Enigma team to get a production-ready product off the ground.