Case Study


Acquia is the open source digital experience company that empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.

Lift is a core marketing platform that allows customers to fully manage digital content across multiple mediums such as the web, graphic displays, billboards, and more -- all through a single management portal.


Users of Acquia's Lift product were finding it difficult to manage the content rules for dynamically determining what their site visitors would see. For the web, customers may use Lift to manage the entire experience and tailor it to customized segments of users, such as first time users, or geo-located users etc. This has been in an admin dashboard placed over the customer's site in context as a set of seperate iframes that must messaage to one another.

Lift Experience Builder Legacy

Additionaly, the Lift development team had issues managing data across many individual Ember apps that were created in each iframed sandbox, which were intended to syncronize data changes as the user added or updated configurations.


Bringing our experience with building performant applications, we worked with the in house product team to design architecture that would be a better overall user experience and avoid previous pitfalls for messaging across sandboxed mini applications in the browser.

Lift Experience Builder Legacy

This was a completely new ground up application using both a stand alone app for the admin and metrics for the client that was no longer encombered by the reduced screen real estate, but also a smaller single windowed interface on the customer site for basic preview functions.

Lift Experience Builder Legacy

The result was faster load times and reduced code to load on the client's own web pages. Also, with a new application to create complex rule creation on what content site visitors would see, the overall number of clicks for each step was reduced by an average of half.

Lift Experience Builder Legacy

After loading the site in admin mode, users can create dynamic slots on the page and select content or content algorithms on how to fill those slots.

Lift Experience Builder Legacy


Due to complex onboarding and management steps, Acquia would see a regular amount of non-renewals or cancelations. Since releasing the new application, zero customers who have started on the new version of Lift or upgraded to the new version have canceled.

Customers using the new version of Lift are creating 2.5x more campaigns than customers using the previous application.

Users of the latest version of Lift are able to onboard and get value from the product 3x faster than customers who had onboarded into the old version.